Diabetic foot care

Your feet are important, especially if you have diabetes.

Diabetes can negatively impact the circulation, particularly in your feet. This can make it difficult for wounds to heal and put you at an increased risk of infection and amputation. These problems can be compounded by nerve damage, making it hard to feel when you've hurt yourself.

Most amputations are entirely preventable. If you take good care of your feet and check them every day, you can reduce your risk.

Feet First are registered with Diabetes UK and are able to provide general foot health checks and advice for diabetics. Daily foot care and regular check-ups, at least on an annual basis are recommended. Our foot health practitioners receive diabetes training to prevent and identify issues early, ensuring you get the best care when you need it most.

Feet First are not a replacement for specialist NHS or private healthcare services such as those provided by registered nurses, doctors, or podiatrists. We help you care for your feet and prevent problems, not treat or manage them.

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